Media Consent Form

Use of Media Consent Form 

We have a legitimate interest in taking photographs and filming to promote Tag Rugby Club. 

We respect your privacy and believe that you should have a choice about how your images are used. 

We will ask for your consent to publish any images of you taken as a photograph or at a filming shoot or at a training session or small club event where we feel that participants may not reasonably expect filming or photography to take place.

How will my image by used?

We may use your images on our website, on social media, in e-newsletters, in leaflets, posters, presentation and to provide local media for newspaper adverts/articles

With your consent we may also share your images on request with named third-party organisations to promote the sport. 

What happens if I agree and later change my mind?

You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Richard Dunseath (07968 743667 -

We will take reasonable steps to delete your image including removing it from our website or social media accounts. Please note that withdrawing your consent does not mean that any use of your images based on your consent prior to its withdrawal would be unlawful. 

Conditions of use
• No information will be included with any published images that will identify you unless you have provided your written agreement and subject to applicable safeguarding policies. 
• The photographer will retain the copyright of photos/videos and they may publish these images in their portfolio or on their website to promote their business subject to data protection law. 
• If images are required for any purpose that may be unexpected or sensitive, we will seek further consent.
• We will only use your contact information to be contact you as described above.
• Your images will be held in accordance with data protection laws.

Tag Rugby Club has developed a Safeguarding Policy and is committed to ensuring the safety of your child is their utmost priority. A copy of the Safeguarding Policy can be obtained by emailing

Media Consent Form
I consent to images/video of my child being used for the following purpose

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